Top 5 Tips For Taking Care Of Your Ebike Battery

Top 5 Tips For Taking Care Of Your Ebike Battery


Electric bikes are hugely popular with their more contemporary designs and upgraded motors and batteries with longer life extensions since they let you enjoy longer rides or routes across the city. Since the battery is the essential component of an e-bike, we need to take special care when handling, storing, and charging it. Today, we are giving you the five most significant tips for maintaining the battery in your electric bike.

What is the Lifespan of an E-bike Battery?

If you take care of the battery and good quality, you could obtain up to 1,000 charges before the cells start to deteriorate. An e-bike battery can withstand 1,000 charge cycles. You need to inspect and thoroughly research an ebike before buying one. Know before you purchase.

Top 5 Tips for Taking Care of Your Ebike Battery

Check out these battery health tips to enjoy your e-bike for many years, whether you are considering buying one or are a seasoned rider.

  • Avoid Extreme Temperatures

eBike batteries are typically robust and long-lasting, designed to resist the worst conditions on the trickiest journeys. Riding an e-bike in high heat or cold usually has no harmful effects on the battery in high-quality models. What matters is how you keep your battery, though.
Even though it may be uncommon, it does occasionally happen to have a scorchingly hot summer in the U.S. Avoid locking your bike up in the direct sun while the battery is still inside during these times; instead, remove the battery or, at the absolute least, park the bike in a shady area. The same holds for cold conditions and moist or damp surroundings.

  • Keep Your Battery Clean and Dry

While riding an e-bike in the rain is perfectly safe, you still need to take precautions with water and your battery. You cannot ride your e-bike into water deep enough to completely submerge the battery and engine, even though it is improbable that you will do this. E-bike batteries are especially prone to short-circuiting if submerged for an extended period; you do not want that to occur when you are out for a ride.

After a wet ride, it is a good idea to clean and wipe down your e-bike. You will not spend much time on it, but it will pay you in the long run. Even though most e-bikes, like Jasion ebikes, are safe to ride in the rain, you should always dry the battery contacts to avoid corrosion and oxidation. Keep that connection clean using an electrical contact cleaner. You can use battery terminal grease as a prophylactic measure during severe weather.

Since Jasion e-bikes are IPX4 water resistant, you are free to ride them in the rain or across puddles! So go ahead if you are considering continuing to commute on your ebike over the water.

  • Charge Your Battery Regularly

After each ride, you should recharge your battery, but after it has fully recharged, you should unplug the bike. Never let the battery's charge drop below 20%.

  • Use the Correct Charger

If not done correctly, charging a bike battery might be harmful. Batteries occasionally fail, resulting in explosions and following fires. You should only ever use a charger that the manufacturer has approved to prolong the life of your e-bike battery and guarantee a smooth charging process. Avoid tumbling prey to the temptation of non-branded, frequently less expensive alternatives found online. Using these could be fatal to both you and your e-bike.

If your current charger shows any damage, purchase an authentic replacement from a dependable retailer that has received manufacturer approval.However, utilizing a suitable charger is not enough; use it properly. Many e-bike chargers will come with detailed operating instructions, and you must abide by them.

  • Store Your Battery Safely

The two most crucial factors are temperature and charge level if you want to store your e-bike idle for a lengthy period. First, if feasible, take off the battery from your bike and store it somewhere with a consistent temperature of 18 to 20 degrees. If you can not guarantee that temperature, be sure it is not too hot or too cold and humid.

Taking off your e-bike's batteries and other equipment is the best way to store them. All batteries experience capacity loss over time or decrease the amount of charge.


Make sure to take good care of your batteries to show your affection. Your battery will thank you in return by having a longer life and more riding miles! Make the most of your journey and prevent range loss with this practical e-bike charging advice.

It is crucial to consider the battery source while looking for an eBike. High-end e-bike brands like Jasion frequently work with reliable battery suppliers. You can not go wrong with Jasion. By taking good care of your battery, you may extend its life and protect its ability to hold a charge.

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