Jasion®EB5 Roamer Ebike

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Now, as part of the promotion, we are offering free Fender Set and a Rear Rack, a total value of $158.

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Speed 28 Mph

1-5 Gear Levels Adjustable

Motor 1100W

Rear-Wheel Drive Motor

Max 400 Lbs

Wider Applicability

48V 11Ah

Battery Capacity

Range 62 Miles

Single Charge Range

60 Nm

Max 14° Gradient

UL 2849

UL Certification

4-5 Hours

To Fully Charge

Product Inspiration


The EB5 Roamer series returns to our roots, celebrating our tradition of expertise in urban commuting. With its advanced lighting configuration and breakthrough features, it heralds a new era of safe and convenient urban travel.


The EB5 Roamer series is innovative in both style and function, seamlessly integrating aesthetics and utility through its unique lighting setup (including turn signals, brake lights, rear tail lights, and front headlights). Its lighting system is designed for high performance, enhancing visibility and safety during night rides, ensuring seamless navigation in urban environments.


The EB5 Roamer series is meticulously crafted, with attention to detail and precision, reflecting our unwavering commitment to quality and innovation. Every component is rigorously designed to deliver a bicycle that not only meets but exceeds the expectations of urban commuters.


Finished Product

The EB5 Roamer series represents the pinnacle of excellent urban commuting. With its cutting-edge features and stylish design, it seamlessly integrates safety, convenience, and performance. Ride confidently and elegantly with the EB5 Roamer series, rediscovering the essence of urban commuting in an unparalleled way.

Independently Developed Rear Hub High-Speed Motor

1100W High-Power Motor

At the 5-speed setting, it takes only 2 seconds to reach 28MPH. The motor coil structure is 17*5, utilizing a sine wave design, and the motor can achieve a speed of 550 revolutions per minute in a one-minute scenario. The sine wave structure allows you to easily control riding speeds from 1 to 5. The 1st-speed setting feels more like traditional bicycle riding while providing electric assistance. JasionBike's rear hub motor has obtained international certification according to ISO 2849 standards.

International Certification for Flame and Explosion Resistance

Samsung 48V11A Battery

Featuring the newly developed 18650 battery cells from Samsung SDI, each lithium-ion single cell has a diameter of 18 millimeters and a length of 65 millimeters, combined to form a 48V11A configuration. Jasion Bike utilizes a spring-loaded, quickly detachable sealed design, achieving an IPX-6 waterproof rating. The battery is removable for charging, and it has received international UL 2271 certification, while the entire vehicle is certified under UL2847 international standards.

Urban Commuting Safety Star

Powerful Lighting Configuration

EB5 Roamer is equipped with a powerful lighting system, including left and right turn signals, brake lights, rear tail lights, and front lights. Jasion's exclusive design of left and right turn signals is not found in other electric bikes on the market. When a turn is needed, simply gently activate the turn signal button on the handlebars to let vehicles behind you know your turning intention, thereby safeguarding your commuting safety. Even if the lighting system is not in use, the left and right turn signals can remain active, ensuring you receive consistent warnings and protection throughout your journey.

The Front Fork is Adjustable for Shock Absorption.

High-Intensity Front Fork Suspension

Featuring an 80mm travel for effective shock absorption, the front fork is made from high-durability materials. It offers the flexibility of manual adjustment between two states: locking the front fork for stability and adapting to the road conditions.

  • EB5 Roamer
  • EB5 Roamer ST

  • 1 Year Warranty

  • 14-Day Trial

  • Tax-Free

  • 3-5 Day Delivery

  • Call Us:(+1) 888-825-6366

  • Motor 1100W

  • Speed from 0 to 28 Mph

  • 60 Nm

  • UL Certification

  • Max 400 Lbs

  • 48V 11Ah

  • Range 62 Miles

  • 1 Year Warranty

  • 14-Day Trial

  • Tax-Free

  • 3-5 Day Delivery

  • Call Us:(+1) 888-825-6366

  • Motor 1100W

  • Speed from 0 to 28 Mph

  • 60 Nm

  • UL Certification

  • Max 400 Lbs

  • 48V 11Ah

  • Range 62 Miles

The Main Features

"More detailed feature introduction for the EB5 Roamer Electric Bicycle."

  • Lighting Configuration
  • Travel Safely
  • Front Fork Suspension
  • Current Control
  • Electronic Control Configuration
  • Chain Guard
  • Quick Detach
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  • Geometry
  • Specification
  • In the Box
  • A -- Total Length 66.9"

  • B -- Handlebar Height 44"

  • C -- Wheelbase 40"

  • D -- Seat Post 10"

  • E -- Maximum Seat Height 37.5"

  • F -- Minimum Seat Height 32.2"

  • G -- Chainstay 18"

  • H -- Minimum Effective Top Tube 23.6"

  • I -- Head Tube Length 3.9"

  • J -- Handlebar Length 25.6"

  • K -- Wheel Diameter 25.6"

  • Battery  48V 11Ah

  • Charger US Standard 2.0 A Smart Charger

  • Range 62 Miles

  • Controller 48V / 11A

  • Hub Motor 1100W Brushless Gear Motor

  • Display LCD Display

  • Total Payload Capacity  400 Lbs

  • Weight  65 Lbs

  • Recommended Rider Heights 5'2" to 6'6"

  • Pedal Assist Intelligent  0~5 Level Pedal Assist

  • Tires  26" x 2.25" Puncture Resistant Tires

  • Throttle  Thumb Throttle

  • Rear Light  Left and Right Turn Signal Brake Lights

  • Suspension With Locking and Adjustment Functions

  • 1* Electric Bike

  • 1*Battery

  • 1* User Manual

  • 2* Pedals

  • 1* Front Wheel Screw

  • 1* Front Wheel

  • 1* Seat with Tail Light

  • 1* Toolkit

  • 2* Keys

  • 1* Charger

Assembly Instruction

Get ready to hit the road with your EB5 Roamer! Our installation guide video will walk you through each step of the assembly process, making it quick and hassle-free. From unboxing to final adjustments, you'll be cruising in no time. Let's dive in and make your EB5 Roamer ready for your next adventure! For the user Manual, please click HERE.

EB5 Roamer FAQs

Customer Reviews

Based on 44 reviews
John R.
Performce: Normal
Value of money score: Worth
Recommendation score: Highly Recommend
Great bike

Seems like a great bike. The only negatives were 1 of the front fender bolts was stripped and I had a hard time removing it. The bolt was long enough to just put a nut on it though. I also didn’t like Jasion pestering me to review the bike before I even received it.

Dale W.
My Bike

Love my bike ride it all the time

Marvin R.
Performce: Excellent
Value of money score: Super Worth
Recommendation score: Highly Recommend
Suggestion: a product menu would of been good.
Jasion e bike eb5 roamer

The eb5 roamer is a great e bike by jasion, it's fast smooth ride is good, plus i like the lighting system, it's worth the money.

David V.
Performce: Excellent
Value of money score: Worth
Recommendation score: Depends on Situation
Jason bikes are great.

I purchased a Jason Roamer and love it. The only thing missing is a drink holder. I really hate to drill holes in this new bike, so I will have to find another way.

Izach R.
Performce: Excellent
Value of money score: Super Worth
Recommendation score: Highly Recommend
Suggestion: Make a more detailed assembly video. The existing one is a bit unclear on some steps.
Absolutely Phenomenal

Honestly was a bit skeptical and thought it’d end up being kinda hacky. But it is genuinely a total blast to speed around with, makes getting to and from work super easy, and just a stupid amount of fun. Makes me wanna go riding whenever I have free time. 1000/10, already have recommended it to all my friends and relatives. Only caveat is it can be a bit of a pain to put together due to unclear instructions. But not super bad. Total worth.

Performce: Excellent
Value of money score: Super Worth
Recommendation score: Highly Recommend
Suggestion: No
Nice Bike for the price

Good ride, you get a lot of bang for your buck.

Kerry F.
Value of money score: Super Worth
Recommendation score: Highly Recommend
Suggestion: I have other Ebikes and usually take rides 35 to 40 miles. Weather has prohibited riding since I got the bike.
Great buy for purchase price.

Great bike for the purchase price. Powerful starts. Haven't been on a long ride yet.

Ron W.
Performce: Excellent
Value of money score: Super Worth
Recommendation score: Highly Recommend
New Jason EB Roamer

Received the bile and very easy assembly and easy to understand the operation. Have ridden the bike and found out very powerful . Will buy again.

Tim L.
Performce: Excellent
Value of money score: Super Worth
Recommendation score: Depends on Situation
Suggestion: I was a bit confused as to the difference between the EB5 models you sell to the box stores and the EB Roamer. Perhaps explaining the difference on the website might help your customers in making a purchasing decsion.
New Rider - New EBike Owner

As the title implies, I am getting on a bike for the first time in a long long time. I will tell you the Jasion EB5 Roamer is a dream to ride. I went with the Roamer version of the EB5 because it came with the fenders, rear rack, larger motor and best of all turn signals. I could have saved a few bucks by purchasing the EB5 or EB5 + from the big box retailers but by the time you factor in shipping and having the larger motor it was a no brainer for me to purchase direct from Jasion.
Assembly was a breeze. The Jasion website has a tutorial video that steps you through the process. Putting on the front tire/wheel was the trickiest part of the process if you do not have an extra pair of hands. I ended up putting on the seat and turning the bike upside down to put on the front wheel. Took me back to my childhood when all of the neighborhood "gang" would get together to tune up our bikes. All the bikes sitting upside down and getting the latest customization.
I have only put a few miles on the bike but so far, see is wonderful. As mentioned, she drives like a dream. The front suspension works well absorbing all of the shock that you find on uneven sidewalks and driveways. I have not had to use the brakes in any type of emergency situation, but they are strong and give me a since of security knowing they will do the job in stopping me quickly, should the need arise.
This girl has power. I have only taken it to level #2 in power assist. That has me cruising at a respectable 15 mph and provides the level of exertion this old body can tolerate. Hopefully this will let me keep up with the younger generation.
Great Bike, Great Value. As a first time EBike owner and just getting into riding again this was a great choice for me.

Performce: Normal
Value of money score: Super Worth
Recommendation score: Highly Recommend
Suggestion: Would like to have a built-in tracker and password protection to make it harder to get stolen and difficult for someone to ride off with it.
Finally I can get back on the road.

I've been wanting a e-bike for years now. I used to ride everywhere on a bike, in fact I did the adventure cycling route 76 on a Raleigh C-64 starting in Yorktown VA back in 2013 with my Jack Russell (he had a B.O.B trailer for his comfort). I didn't make the whole trip I had to turn around in Missouri to see my dad before he passed away. When I got back to NC I had to get back on track. In 2017 I had to move to Cleveland to take care of my elderly mother ( she passed away March 10th)

I've been researching e-bikes for over a year and the Roamer fit the bill on what I was looking for. I got it a week ago and put it together and road it up and down my street till I got used to the way it handles. For the most part I kept it on PAS 2 occasionally hitting on PAzs 4 and 5 for 5hits and giggles. 14 miles used 3/5 of the battery life I'm guessing that I need to cycle the battery from dead to fully charged to get it to hold a deeper charge ( like most lithium batteries behave). I'm glad I got this bike, I've gotten several compliments on it and many took the information down to look into getting one themselves.