Jasion®X-Hunter Ebike

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Now, as part of the promotion, we are offering free Fender Set and a Rear Rack, a total value of $158.

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*Important Announcement
1. Out of Stock Notice
Unfortunately, we are currently facing a shortage of X-Hunter due to unexpected delays from our suppliers in delivering necessary materials. If you have any inquiries, please contact us at support@jasionbike.com. We anticipate the arrival of a new batch on April 27, 2024.
2. Compensation Measures for X-Hunter Shortage:
In response to the inventory shortage of JASION X-Hunter, we introduced a special initiative on December 6, 2023. For customers who purchased X-Hunter electric bikes after December 6, 2023, and have not yet received their orders, we offer two compensation options (choose one, as these offers cannot be combined):
- Each newly purchased X-Hunter electric bike now comes with an additional 2 bike baskets as compensation.
- Each bike is eligible for a $50 rebate.
If you participated in this initiative, please contact us at support@jasionbike.com after receiving your X-Hunter, indicating your preferred compensation option.
3. Limited-Time Opportunity:
Please note that this compensation program applies only to orders placed before April 27, 2024. Participation opportunities are limited, so we encourage interested users to take action promptly! After the expiration of the promotion, these compensation measures will no longer be valid.
*Please note that X-Hunter compensation measures cannot be combined with other discounts.

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1-Year Warranty

14-Day Trial

Full Suspension: Experience unparalleled riding comfort with our full-suspension mountain bike. Utilizing a cutting-edge Horst-link suspension system, our bike features a rear chainstay pivot that enhances suspension flexibility, resulting in remarkable improvements in suspension performance. Conquer rugged terrains and tackle challenging trails with confidence.
1400W Motor Hub: Elevate your riding experience with a powerful 1400W motor hub, designed to turn every journey into an exhilarating adventure. Whether you're navigating steep hills or cruising along scenic routes, our geared hub motor provides enhanced hill-climbing capabilities, ensuring optimal performance even at lower speeds. Conquer any terrain with ease and power, and embrace the thrill of the ride like never before.

All Jasion bikes are covered under our manufacturer's 1-year all-inclusive warranty for the original owner against all manufacturing defects (All free Accessories are not covered by warranty service).

For non-quality issues, customer may ask for product replacement or return within 14 days after receiving it. The customer is responsible for the return shipping cost of $180. Jasion will provide a return shipping label, and the designated carrier will collect the return package.
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Speed 30+ Mph

1-5 Gear Levels Adjustable

Motor 1400W

Rear-Wheel Drive Motor

Max 480 Lbs

Wider Applicability

48V 13Ah

Battery Capacity

Range 71 Miles

Single Charge Range

90 Nm

Max 25° Gradient

UL 2849

UL Certification

6.5-7 Hours

To Fully Charge

Product Inspiration


The adventurous off-road genes of jasionbike were born with X-Hunter, defining what a bicycle can achieve in adventure and off-roading. It symbolizes jasionbike's bold innovation. X-Hunter integrates sports and leisure, allowing consumers to adapt perfectly to any scene. It represents rugged durability and unparalleled performance, urging you to embark on new paths and embrace the thrill of the unknown.


To make X-Hunter adaptable to any scene, bold four-link structure is adopted, driving the overall ebike movement through the central four-link structure, coupled with a 180mm adjustable front fork suspension, achieving a full suspension system for the whole ebike. Its full suspension design uses Horst link pivot, providing endless comfort for off-road adventures.


X-Hunter embodies our unwavering commitment to innovation and precision craftsmanship. From Horst link pivot to the 7075-T6 aluminum alloy frame, powerful 1400W motor hub, and 20"x4" wide tires, every component is meticulously crafted to ensure stable traction and stability on any terrain.

Finished Product

With X-Hunter, we redefine the essence of off-road adventure. It transcends mere transportation; it embodies bravery and exploration. Whether conquering rugged mountains or traversing dense forests, X-Hunter allows you to embrace the infinite possibilities of off-road exploration and redefine your adventure at every turn.

Introduction to the X-Hunter Parts Exploded View

The speed for each PAS level of Jasion® X-Hunter

PAS1 Top speed 16mph,PAS2 Top speed 18mph,PAS3 Top speed 20mph,PAS4 Top speed 23mph,PAS5 Top speed 30+mph

Equipped with a Powerful 1400W Motor

Delivering 90 Nm of torque within just 2 seconds in the 5-speed setting. The motor, designed with a sine wave structure, allows you to effortlessly control your riding speed across gears 1 to 5, providing a customizable and intuitive riding experience,JasionBike rear hub motor has obtained international certification according to ISO 2849 standards.

48V13A Battery by Samsung

Utilizing Samsung SDI's newly developed 21750 cells, each lithium-ion cell has a diameter of 21 millimeters and a length of 75 millimeters, forming a 48V13A configuration. The 21750 battery cell capacity is increased by 35%, and its volume energy density is nearly 20% higher than the original 18650 cells. Jasion Bike employs a quick-detach sealed design for the battery, with multiple layers of protective sheathing achieving an IPX-6 waterproof rating. The battery features removable charging and holds UL 2271 international certification.

Full Suspension System for Ebike

X-Hunter employs a front fork with manually adjustable shock absorption and a four-link mechanism to achieve a high-intensity suspension effect for the entire bike. The multi-link suspension configuration enables integrated dissipation of forces, allowing X-Hunter to bear a load capacity of up to 480 pounds. Whether navigating snowy terrain, rough surfaces, or mountain trails, it provides a stable and comfortable riding experience.

Multi-Stage Disassembly

Jasion Bike takes pride in its cutting-edge quick multi-stage disassembly design. With no need for cumbersome tools, just a few simple steps allow for the rapid disassembly of various components, ensuring easy portability and storage.

The Main Features

"More detailed feature introduction for the X-Hunter Electric Bicycle."

  • Big Bike Saddle
  • Fat Tire
  • Adjustable Suspension
  • Lighting Configuration
  • Feature Configuration
  • Folding Size
  • Disc Brake
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  • Geometry
  • Specification
  • In the Box
  • A -- Handlebar Length 25.2"

  • B -- Hand Tube Fixed Height 13"

  • C -- Chainstay 17.3"

  • D -- Ground Clearance 5.9"

  • E -- Wheelbase 46"

  • F -- Total Length 69"

  • G -- Wheel Diameter 22.8"

  • H -- Minimum Handlebar Height from Floor 46"

  • I -- Maximum Handlebar Height from Floor 53.1"

  • J -- Minimum Seat Height from Floor 30"

  • K -- Maximum Seat Height from Floor 46"

  • Folded Size -- 29.5"*33.5"*15.7"

  • Battery  48V 13Ah

  • Charger US Standard 2.0 A Smart Charger

  • Range 71 Miles

  • Controller 48V / 13A

  • Hub Motor 1400W Brushless Gear Motor

  • Display LCD Display

  • Total Payload Capacity  480 Lbs

  • Weight  71Lbs

  • Recommended Rider Heights 5'3" to 6'4"

  • Pedal Assist Intelligent  0~5 Level Pedal Assist

  • Tires  20" x 4" Puncture Resistant Tires

  • Throttle  Twist Throttle

  • Rear Light  Left and Right Turn Signal Brake Lights

  • Suspension With Locking and Adjustment Functions

  • 1* Electric Bike

  • 1*Battery

  • 1* User Manual

  • 2* Pedals

  • 1* Front Light

  • 1* Front Wheel

  • 1* Seat

  • 1* Toolkit

  • 2* Keys

  • 1* Charger

X-Hunter FAQs

Assembly & Support
X-Hunter Assembly Instructions
Instructions for Key Usage and Battery RemovalSummarize

Customer Stories

Customer Reviews

Based on 435 reviews
Performce: Normal
Value of money score: Worth
Recommendation score: Depends on Situation
Suggestion: More trail product videos!
- - X Hunter Ebike

Love it but wished it climbed off road hills better! I plan to use it only for hunting since my brain tumor surgery, chemo & radiation I am struggling to get to some of my uphill and longer range stands!

Performce: Normal
Value of money score: Super Worth
Recommendation score: Depends on Situation
Suggestion: Paddle charging mode

It rides!

Troy T.
Performce: Excellent
Value of money score: Super Worth
Recommendation score: Highly Recommend
Suggestion: Promote this bike hard for hunters. The price point will blow the others away. I am going to try and get our local sports store to keep them in stock
Successful first hunt with the x hunter bikes

We received our two bikes this past Friday. I took them to the farm and put them together in about thirty minutes. We hunted with them this weekend and were able to harvest a nice turkey. So far we are very happy with the bikes. They are at a great price point for a hunting bike. I will probably buy a couple more in the near future. I sent a picture into your Instagram site. This is a friend of my sons that shot his second turkey ever using your bike.

Performce: Excellent
Value of money score: Super Worth
Recommendation score: Highly Recommend

When choosing who to buy my first electric bike from I am so glad I choose Jasion. I bought the X-Hunter electric bike. The quality is absolutely amazing. The bike is super heavy duty and I think it will last a long time. Very happy with my purchase!!!!

Jan C.
Performce: Excellent
Value of money score: Super Worth
Recommendation score: Highly Recommend

Love love love my bike!!!

Performce: Excellent
Value of money score: Super Worth
Recommendation score: Highly Recommend
Suggestion: Awesome customer service

There were many options I had when choosing who to buy from for my first electric bike. I am so glad I choose the Jaison X-Hunter electric bike. The quality is amazing. I can't believe how heavy duty is. It is like a tank but in bike form. I see this lasting a long time.

Wayne T.
Performce: Excellent
Value of money score: Super Worth
Recommendation score: Highly Recommend
Suggestion: Instructions on unlocking speed should be in instructions.17 mph is turn off.
X-hunter review

Beautiful bike, and well built.Recieves compliments everywhere I go.

R j.T.
Performce: Normal
Value of money score: Worth
Recommendation score: Depends on Situation
Exciting and looks good

Excited to ride and use

Jason R.
Performce: Excellent
Value of money score: Worth
Recommendation score: Highly Recommend
Suggestion: For the front Wheel, if you could make the rod slightly thicker, and make the end cap metal versus plastic. That’s the only thing I can think of that can be relatively cheap. But all in all a solid bike! Maybe offer a slightly more expensive version of the x hunter with hydraulic breaks?
Fantastic So Far

Took about 30 minutes to assemble. Was able to edit some settings and it’s working beautifully. Only had it a couple days; so hopefully it lasts!

Jonathan P.
Performce: Excellent
Value of money score: Super Worth
Recommendation score: Highly Recommend
Great Electric Bike

It’s an incredible bike, it has amazing speed and all around great bike!!!