Jasion Ebike® EB7 Series outer tire and inner tube

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Option: Outer Tire
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Outer Tire


Meticulously crafted using premium-quality rubber material, these tires exemplify outstanding grip power and remarkable resilience to abrasion. The incorporation of a lightweight and pliable woven fabric component in their construction fortifies the sidewalls, providing a heightened level of puncture resistance.


Air tightness, heat resistance, longevity.
Size: 20"x3"mm
Packaging: Outer tire*1

*Note: Please take note that we strongly recommend having these tires replaced by professionals or under their expert guidance to ensure proper installation. Kindly be aware that variations in lighting conditions during photography and disparities among monitors may result in slight differences in the color of the item depicted in the picture compared to the actual product. Additionally, for manual measurements, please allow for a minor margin of error ranging from 1 to 3mm.

Inner Tube


Constructed from premium butyl rubber, these tires offer superior sealing performance, ozone resistance, aging resistance, shock absorption, and electrical insulation. With replacement tires, experience improved shock absorption and elevate your riding comfort. Your safety and comfort are our top priorities.


Reliable sealing, durability, flexibility.
Size: 20"x3"mm
Packaging: Inner Tube*1

*Note: When replacing the inner tube of your bicycle, it is essential to add a small amount of air prior to installation. This precaution prevents twisting or curling of the tube, which can potentially result in pinch flats. Furthermore, carefully inspect the tire to ensure an even bead is formed between the tire and the rim on both sides for optimal performance and safety.