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Our Story

Symbol of the Beginning of Adventure

Jasion EB7 2.0

Jasion EB7 2.0 heralds the birth of our brand, as pioneers in the cycling realm, embodying a yearning for unknown adventures. From this moment forward, we present to you an array of thrilling innovations, top-notch quality, and redefined riding experiences. Let us embark together on a new era of electric bicycles, exploring uncharted territories and pushing boundaries further.

Embodying the Essence of Urban Mobility.

Jasion EB7 ST

To cater to a wider audience, we introduce the all-new EB7 ST, boasting a lower frame for a unique style and outstanding performance. With its lower frame and seat height, individuals of all ages, including children, seniors, and those with mobility challenges, can enjoy the pleasures of riding. The ST isn't just a mode of transportation but also a companion.

Ignite Your Spirit of Adventure

Jasion X-Hunter

X-Hunter marks our entry into the realm of off-road adventures—the epitome of a rugged and durable exploration companion. It embodies the spirit of bravery and exploration. Whether conquering rugged mountains or traversing dense forests, the X-Hunter seamlessly integrates raw power with exceptional suspension performance, unleashing your adventurous spirit and redefining your off-road journey.

Revolutionizing the Way you Commute.

Jasion EB5 Roamer Series

The EB5 Roamer Series returns to our roots, celebrating our expertise in urban commuting. With its advanced lighting setup and groundbreaking features, it heralds a new era of safe and convenient urban travel. It's the perfect blend of rider, art, and craftsmanship.