Troubleshooting Electric Bike Issues: Common Problems and Solutions

Troubleshooting Electric Bike Issues: Common Problems and Solutions


Owning an electric bike brings joy and convenience to your daily commute and weekend adventures. However, encountering issues with your e-bike can be frustrating. In this comprehensive blog, we will explore common problems that electric bike riders may face and provide practical solutions to troubleshoot these issues. Whether you ride our EB7 2.0 or EB7 ST models, or any other electric bike, this guide will equip you with the knowledge to tackle problems and keep your ride smooth and enjoyable.

Section 1: Understanding Electric Bike Components

The Powerhouse: Learn about the key components that make up an electric bike, including the motor, battery, controller, and display. Understand their functions and how they work together to provide an enhanced riding experience.

Section 2: Basic Troubleshooting Steps

Power and Connectivity Issues: Address problems related to power loss, display malfunctions, or connectivity glitches. Explore troubleshooting steps to ensure proper electrical connections and resolve any underlying issues.
Error Codes Decoded: Familiarize yourself with common error codes displayed on electric bikes and their corresponding meanings. Gain insights into possible causes and potential solutions.

Section 3: Battery and Charging Problems

Range Anxiety: Discover tips to optimize your electric bike's range and maximize battery life. Learn about factors that can affect battery performance and steps to mitigate them.
Charging Woes: Troubleshoot issues related to battery charging, such as incorrect charger usage, charging interruptions, or prolonged charging times. Implement best practices to ensure efficient and safe charging.

Section 4: Motor and Drive System Issues

Motor Stalling or Hesitation: Address motor-related problems, including stalling, sudden stops, or hesitation. Identify potential causes, such as loose connections or motor overheating, and take appropriate measures to resolve these issues.
Drive System Malfunctions: Explore solutions to tackle problems with the pedal-assist system, throttle responsiveness, or gear shifting. Understand the importance of regular maintenance and adjustments to ensure optimal performance.

Section 5: Brake and Tire Concerns

Brake Adjustments and Maintenance: Learn how to maintain and adjust your e-bike's brakes for consistent and reliable stopping power. Identify common issues, such as brake squeaking or reduced braking performance, and perform necessary adjustments.
Tire Care and Maintenance: Understand the significance of proper tire care, including checking tire pressure, inspecting tread wear, and addressing punctures or flats. Follow recommended practices for tire maintenance to ensure a safe and smooth ride.

Section 6: Seek Professional Assistance

Beyond Basic Troubleshooting: Know when it's time to seek professional help. Some issues may require specialized knowledge or technical expertise. Learn when to reach out to a qualified electric bike technician for more complex repairs or warranty-related concerns.


Troubleshooting electric bike issues is an essential skill for every rider. By understanding the common problems discussed in this guide and implementing the recommended solutions, you can overcome challenges and keep your electric bike in optimal condition. Remember, our EB7 and EB7 ST models are designed to offer exceptional performance, foldable convenience, and a delightful riding experience. Experience the freedom of electric biking with confidence, knowing that our products are engineered to meet your everyday commuting and weekend adventure needs.

Note: Throughout this blog, we have used examples and references to electric bike issues in general. While our EB7 and EB7 ST models are exceptional choices, the troubleshooting tips and solutions provided are applicable to electric bikes of various brands and models. Always refer to the user manual specific to your electric bike for detailed instructions and guidance.

Happy riding and enjoy the limitless possibilities of electric biking!

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Michael E Koegel

Michael E Koegel

Don’t buy the lights for the bike. This company is a rip off. You can find the same ones on Amazon for $40. You $180 for 2 with this company and they say they are on sale! If you want to send them back they will charge you $30 for each piece. I would like to send the email they sent me but it does not have anywhere on here to upload. I will be writing a review with more info on Google. Don’t want to see more people get ripped off.

Andrea Surface

Andrea Surface

Throttle doesn’t work

Adailson Perpetuo

Adailson Perpetuo

my LCD display on my Jasion X Hunter (just purchased) only shows 1 bar and Strats blinking an i get a E 06 code 5 mins into the ride. When I check the battery with a voltmeter, its consistent with the digital volt display on the LCD. How do I get the green bars to display accurately ?
Can yuo plese send me how I can fix that pass by pass instroction and also I do need full pass by pass manul please. Help me I only have this bike for 3 months. Thank you.

David DiDonato

David DiDonato

Throttle isn’t working and speedometer is way off pedal assist works only while pedaling. How can I restore factory settings for X-Hunter

Donald Carlo

Donald Carlo

My Ebikes speed it only get up to 11MPH. How do I reset my bikes to factory setting?

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